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Light and Love Home Media Kit

Light and Love Home Vancouver

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Light and Love Home presents: Blessed is the One Who Considers the Poor 2022
Fundraiser to support the poor in developing countries returns after last year’s success


Mar. 20, 2022, Vancouver, BC – Light and Love Home Vancouver, a Christian charity organization that supports those in need both locally and globally, announced the return of the “Blessed is the One Who Considers the Poor” fundraiser event.  The month-long project-based fundraising portion will last from Nov. 12 to Dec. 11, 2022, with the live charity presentation scheduled on Dec. 18, 2022.

 Last year, 97 individuals or groups chose various ways to ask for pledges: talent performances, charity sales, set goals for self improvement, or showing acts of kindness.  Over CDN$50,000 were raised through pledging on projects or from general donations.  All proceeds went to support Light and Love Home’s charity programs and services globally.

“The event was a great success,” said Light and Love Home’s executive director.  “Participants from all ages here in Vancouver were passionate to help the poor.  They realized that they’re blessed and abound while growing up in a first-world city like Vancouver when compared to the families and communities that we’re helping in poor countries who can’t even meet basic needs like housing or food.”

Light and Love Home continues to strive for its mission through this charity event: to spread the love of Jesus Christ by serving communities and caring for the needy. Together with affiliates around the world, it builds communities that love and help one another.

Light and Love Home’s global programs include building children’s homes and daycare centres, providing education scholarships and free meals to students, and aiding families with food and loans to set up home businesses to alleviate poverty.  Volunteers also visit the poor countries for the global projects and to meet with the beneficiaries.

In Vancouver, Light and Love Home volunteers bring joy to seniors through senior home visits and interest classes.  They also support children and youths through seasonal day camps, and programs to learn interpersonal and life skills. 

For more information about this upcoming fundraiser or Light and Love Home in general, please contact our Vancouver office at:

1331 SE Marine Drive,

Vancouver, BC  V5X 4L1

Phone: 604-767-3312


[Organization Background]

Light and Love Home, caring the needy for almost 20 years


Light and Love Home was founded in Vancouver, BC, when it was registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization in 2003[1].  As a charity arm of the Church of God in Vancouver, Light and Love Home has been helping low-income families, seniors, and immigrants through various activities and services.


Light and Love Home became a global charity in 2005[2] to extend its support programs and services to many underdeveloped countries.  As of 2022, its charity programs have benefited the needy in ten countries.  In 2020 alone, Light and Love Home received over USD$220,000 in donations (including over USD$70,000 in fundraising) to benefit over 2,800 individuals in need.[3]    


Light and Love Home changes $0 in administrative fees.  All donations to Light and Love Home go to support programs and services both in Vancouver and globally.  Projects in Vancouver include activities for youths and seniors, and settlement assistance for new immigrants.  Global projects include building children’s homes for orphans, building schools and offering meals and scholarships for students, and financial support for families.  Light and Love Home volunteers pay for their own traveling and other expenses to support the local or global projects.

Light and Love Home – Fact Sheet

  • Supporting the needy in Vancouver since 2003 and globally since 2005.

  • Beneficiaries of over 2800 individuals and over 1000 families in 11 countries as of Feb. 2021.

  • Over CDN$50,000 were raised from 97 individual or group projects for “Blessed is the One Who Considers the Poor 2021”.

  • USD$70,000 were raised to support global projects through fundraising events in 2020.

  • $0 administration fees.

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