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2023 Lower Mainland Sports Day Recap

BC Blind Sports

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Over 100 elementary school students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities, joined BC Blind Sports’ annual Lower Mainland Sports Day on June 13 at Hillcrest Community Centre in Vancouver. 

Students from Lower Mainland school districts tried both indoor and outdoor sports with the support from their families, teachers of students with visual impairments, educational assistants, and Orientation and Mobility specialists.

Students enjoyed sports like hockey, soccer, badminton, goalball, and tandem cycling in the morning.  After having delicious pizzas and refreshments, students competed in a relay race at the gym in the afternoon.  They then gathered outdoors for the traditional tug-of-war to end the day.

Students showed their athletic abilities when using adaptive equipment like bells in balls, large badminton birdies, and ramps that made the sports more accessible.  They played sports and had fun like their sighted schoolmates and peers do.

Families and professional support members smiled proudly as they watched the students playing and trying different sports while overcoming their disabilities.  Their guidance and clear instructions helped the students to learn and perform the mechanics needed for each sport.  Their encouragements boosted the students’ confidence, even on their first try of the activities!

The Sports Day gave students with visual impairments and additional disabilities a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment to play sports.  It also let these students to try new activities, expand their abilities, and make friends.

BC Blind Sports thanks these groups and organizations for joining and supporting this meaningful and fun day:

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